Known in the US, primarily, as either “Ebiara” or, its nickname, “Red Zebrawood,” its heartwood can range anywhere from a pale yellow to a (more typical) muted reddish-brown. Darker colored stripes in patterns (which can be symmetrical or irregular) are how the comparisons to Zebrano are drawn, although they are related: each of their respective genera are part of the Detarieae tribe, in the subfamily, Caesalpinioideae.

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  • MULTBERL1001

    Multi-pack of Berlinia. Pack quantities work in units of volume. 0.1m3 per unit. For a larger volumes, add multiple packs to your cart.

    • Lengths: Various standard lengths available.  Your last plank will be shorter to round off the m3 you selected.
    • Thickness: Various standard thicknesses available.
    • Widths: Random widths, 100mm & up (average 140mm)
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