With colors ranging from its typically golden brown base, to its dark brown- and black-striped accents, the surface of Bocote is perhaps best known for the many tiny “eyes” adorning the grain patterns of the highly-decorated, more visually stunning examples of the species. (These eyes are not to be confused with knots, as they pose no issues when machining.) The striking aesthetics higher-grade pieces possess make this wood coveted among furniture and cabinet craftsmen, as well as both acoustic and electric guitar luthiers.

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  • BOC1008

    nice board with some cracks and holes.

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  • BOC1007

    stunning board with colour variation and a few cracks on both faces

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  • BOC1006

    stunning board with a few small cracks

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  • BOC1005

    stunning board with a bit of sapwood and a 25cm crack on 1 end

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  • BOC1004

    pretty board with a little sapwood and has surface check

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  • BOC1003

    lovely board with a little sapwood and some minor defects on 1 face

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  • BOC1002

    lovely board with sapwood, some wane and a small surface check

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  • BOC1001

    Nice board with cracks on both faces and a bit of sapwood

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  • KNIFEBOC1001

    Bocote Knife Scales – Bookmatched set

    Minimum size 12.0 x 3.5 x 0.95 cm

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  • BOC1002-old

    Beautiful piece. Some sapwood. 2 holes one end, one knot.

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  • BOC1001-old

    Stunning figure and colour variation. 20cm cracks each end

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    Bocote Pen Blanks
    Price is for one blank
    Discounts may apply if you take five or more
    Blanks will be minimum 13x2x2

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