High bending and crushing strengths and stiffness. Difficult to work with hand tools, and has a moderate to severe blunting effect on machine tools. It can be glued, stained and polished satisfactorily.

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  • CB_KAR38X76-AA02

    Clearance Bundle:  Karri 38x76mm Slicers

    Bundle size: 370cm x 60cm x 40cm
    Piece dimensions:  +-365cm x 7.6cm x 3.0-3.3cm
    Approximate m3: 0.53m3.  At retail price, this would be 8697.15 excl

    Febfest Clearance bundles are sold “voetstoots” with no returns.
    Boards can be twisted, skew and cracked, discoloured, but there is lots of usable wood.
    Feel free to come in and assess the bundles in person before buying or call for more photos and details if you are up country.

    *Does not qualify for free shipping

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