Although not a true Diospyros ebony species, Katalox earned its “Royal Mexican Ebony” nickname due to its great density (which actually supercedes all true ebonies, in that regard) and the fact that, as it ages, it turns considerably darker than when its initially cut and dried. It is known to be generally very durable, making the wood ideal for a variety of applications — although it can be very difficult difficult to resaw (density) and glue, due to its typically high natural oil content. The grains can be straight, irregular or interlocked; it’s texture ranges from fine to medium, with a nice natural luster.

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  • PENKATA1001

    Katalox Pen Blanks
    Price is for one blank
    Discounts may be applicable if you take five or more
    Blanks will be minimum 13x2x2

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  • KATA1008

    Lovely board, with minor cracks on one end.

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  • KATA1007

    Beautiful board. Lovely colour

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  • KATA1006

    Beautiful board with minor cracks.

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  • KATA1005

    Extremely beautiful board

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  • KATA1004

    Beautiful board with a minor crack on 1 corner

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  • KATA1003

    Beautiful board with a few minor cracks on one end.

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  • KATA1002

    Beautiful board

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  • KATA1001

    Beautiful board with a few knots and minor defect on one end.

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