Leopardwood/Lacewood is so named for the tightly-grouped flecks which cover its surface. It is almost exclusively quartersawn, which displays its dramatic flecking in leopard-spot-like patterns (thus, the name). It is medium to dark, reddish brown in color.. Prior to being sanded, the flecked portion’s slightly elevated positioning on the wood’s surface gives it a true 3D look. It is fairly difficult to work and it’s uneven texture can cause tearout issues when boards are planed.

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  • LACE1008

    lovely board with a few small cracks on 1 end

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  • LACE1007

    nice board with a 38cm crack on 1 face

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  • LACE1006

    stunning board with lovely figure but has a few cracks on the ends

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  • LACE1005

    nice board with a few tiny knots on 1 face

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  • LACE1004

    lovely board with a few tiny knots

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  • LACE1003

    stunning lacewood figure

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    Brazilian Lacewood Knife Scales – Bookmatched set

    Choose small or large from dropdown

    Small minimum dimensions: 12×3.5×0.95cm
    Large minimum dimensions:min 17×3.5×0.95cm

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  • PENLACE1001

    Lacewood Pen Blanks
    Price is for one blank
    Discounts may apply if you take five or more
    Blanks will be minimum 13x2x2

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  • LACE1002

    Lovely board.

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  • LACE1001

    Nice board, but has 20cm crack, halfway down board, 2cm in from one side

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