Ziricote is one of the most popular, visually striking exotic woods in the world. Renown for its “landscape” or “spiderweb” grain patterns, its colors range from medium to dark shades of brown (occasionally with either a green or purplish tint), and are accentuated by intermingled bands of unpredictable, irregular black growth rings. Sapwood is easily distinguishable by its dull off-white to pale yellow hue.

Although it is a fairly dense wood, its typical straight (though sometimes slightly interlocked) grains and fine to medium-fine texture give it cooperative working properties — as it cuts, turns, glues and finishes smoothly.

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    Ziricote Knife Scales – Bookmatched set

    Limited stock available.  Get them while you can.

    Minimum size 12.7 x 3.8 x 0.95 cm

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  • PENZIRI1001

    Ziricote Pen Blanks
    Price is for one blank
    Discounts may apply if you take five or more
    Blanks will be minimum 13x2x2

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