Bell Blanks – Blackwood – African

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Species Description: Blackwood - African

Without question, the densest and most un-rosewood-like of the Dalbergia’s (for our money, at least!), African Blackwood is a consistent favorite with acoustic guitar luthiers, wood turners, carvers and fine furniture craftsmen, alike; it remains one of the world’s most coveted musical woods. African Blackwood often appears almost completely black, with its grains hardly discernible. (… thus the name. After sanding, a deep, very dark chocolate color emerges.)

African Blackwood clarinet bell blanks.

These Bell blanks were rejected by the musical instrument trade for having small defects.

They are still amazing for turning and other specialty items.

Height = 12.5cm, Base width = +- 7.5cm, Top width = +-4cm

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