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Terms & Conditions

Our many happy customers are witness to the fact that we offer good wood at fair prices, together with free advice and excellent service.  In order to ensure that our business runs smoothly and effectively, we do have a number of conditions which we ask you to familiarize yourself with.


  • All lumber is sold on an “AS IS” basis.
  • Lumber (or other sold goods) remains the property of Rare Woods USA until payment has been received in full.
  • Risk passes on sale or delivery, whichever occurs first.


  • Returns will be accepted within 30 calendar days of purchase date, provided the lumber being returned has not been altered (sanded, planed, cut etc) in any way.
  • Original shipping cost is non-refundable and return shipping is for buyers account.
  • Please make contact with us (via email at  as soon as possible should you wish to return any lumber.
  • We will endeavor to make the process as smooth and painless as possible.



  • Wood is one of God’s natural materials. All timber even of the same species can vary substantially in color, grain and texture.
  • Sometimes boards are warped, twisted or may have other defects.
  • Light wood such as Beech, Maple, Iroko and Pau Marfim sometimes have “sticker” marks.
  • The timber trade does not always have a solution for these “problems”
  • We sell our timber with the express condition that we do not take responsibility for any latent or patent defects or alleged defects.


  • Please keep an eye on your children or pets. We love kids and dogs, but this can be a dangerous environment for them.
  • PLEASE, no smoking on the premises. Apart from our health, we pay enormous insurance premiums and one mislaid butt would mean the end of us.
  • You are most welcome to help yourself from the racks, which are clearly marked.
  • Please leave the racks and bundles in the way that you found them.
  • We cannot warrant that the wood never gets mixed up. Rare Woods management has the final say as to the decision – regarding species, size, type and quality.


Rare Woods thrives because of your involvement – we need your custom to survive and prosper.

We invite constructive criticism as we wish to constantly improve our service to you. 

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    Volume Primer

    Our bulk packs are sold in units of volume. (1 pack = 0.1m3).
    Depending on thickness and length you select, you will get a different effective total width. Depending on the widths we select, you will also get a different number of pcs.

    For example, 0.1m3 of 2.45m lengths will get you the following +- TOTAL WIDTH and +- PCS (assuming an average piece width of 140mm) for each thickness:


    Pricing Enquiry