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Species Description: Kiaat

Kiaat is closely related to African Padauk (both are species of the Pterocarpus genus), sharing its characteristics of being durable, extremely stable and easy workability. The wood is renowned for its great bug and termite resistance. Although Kiaat is considerably less dense (than Padauk), it has an impressive strength-to-weight ratio which (combined with its durability) makes it a very versatile, useful wood -- suitable for a great variety of applications. Its heartwood color can vary from a light golden brown to a medium brown with a reddish or purplish tint. Grains can be straight, wavy or interlocked; its texture ranges from fine to medium, with a nice natural luster. Kiaat has very good working properties, and turns, glues and finishes well.

Lovely board. Small saw cut 25cm in from one end of board


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Kiaat - Brown
R3,191.25R3,507.50185 × 14 × 2.6 cmMULTKIAATBR1001

Multi-pack of All Brown Kiaat. Pack quantities work in units of volume. 0.1m3 per unit. For a larger volumes, add multiple packs to your cart.

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  • Thickness: Various standard thicknesses available.
  • Widths: Random widths, 100mm & up (average 140mm)

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