Cladding & Screens

What We Offer: Timber Cladding & Screens

Perhaps we are a little biased, but in our opinion nothing is more attractive than a home clad in an interesting timber.  Western Red Cedar, Japanese Cedar and Siberian Larch are some of the most popular choices at the moment, but who is to say which is best – as long as it’s natural, we love it.  

For the adventurous of you, we would recommend researching ‘Shou Sugi Ban’ – the ancient Japanese art of charring timber cladding to improve its durability, with very pleasing aesthetic benefits too.

If cladding your home feels like too much, why not consider breaking the “plaster monotony” and enhancing privacy with a well placed screen.  If you are considering cladding or a screen, we recommend you consult a professional installer and/or our sales team on advice on which species are best suited to your particular application.


Have a look at this feature on “The art of timber cladding” that we wrote for Timber IQ magazine recently: