What We Offer: Slabs & Speciality Items

Live edge Slabs

What do you think of live-edged tables?  Have you been caught by the river table craze?  Whatever your interest, we have the slab for you.  From moderately priced Wild Olive or Cottonwood mini slabs to super expensive figured Ash  fit for dining-room table of royalty with everything in between, we have slabs to suit your taste, size requirement and budget.

Some of our popular live-edged species include:

  • Cottonwood
  • Leadwood
  • French Oak
  • Maple
  • Matumi
  • Olive Ash
  • Sand Kiaat
  • Walnut
  • Wild Olive
  • Yellowwood

Speciality Items

Are you a turner or a carver? Do you make knives or musical instruments? With over 120 species and pieces ranging from pen blanks all the way up to 6m x 1m slabs, we have the timber you need to fuel your habit.

Amongst our many unusual items you will find:

  • Birdseye Maple peeler cores
  • Curly Maple baseball bat blanks
  • Three species of genuine Ebony
  • Unique rosewood species like Kingwood & Bois De Rose
  • Claro Walnut lamp stands
  • Genuine Brazilian Mahogany & Burmese Teak for boatbuilders
  • Ziricote guitar fretboards
  • …and many many other oddities and peculiarities
The best solution is to come in and have a look around – you never know what you might come across!