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Wooden Flooring
Custom manufactured solid wooden flooring


Manufactured to your individual requirements and taste. Come in to browse through our samples to see the huge range of options we can supply, from favourites like White Oak and Maple, to exotic stunners like Boire and Panga Panga. Our sales team will guide you through the process to ensure you to make the correct choice and we will happily manage the production process.

While engineered and laminate flooring has become popular in recent years, we believe there is still nothing like the lasting appeal and luxury of a well-laid solid wooden floor. When done well, such a floor will add huge aesthetic appeal to your home which can last for many generations.

At Rare Woods we offer a wide variety of custom hardwood and softwood flooring, manufactured to order from our extensive range.

Typical floorboard widths are anything from 60mm to 220mm, depending on customer preference, but 100-140mm widths are recommended to ensure the best possible performance. Our sales team will guide you through the process to ensure that you make the correct choice and we will happily manage the production process.

Once we have manufactured the tongue-and-groove floorboards, they are delivered to site to acclimatize for a couple of weeks before being installed, sanded and sealed by your chosen professional installer.

Some of the many options we offer include: 

  • American White Oak
  • French Oak
  • Beech
  • Maple
  • Rhodesian Teak
  • Kiaat
  • Hickory
  • Boire
  • Afrormosia
  • Oregon Pine
  • Siberian Larch
  • Yellowwood
  • Panga Panga
  • Wenge
  • … And many many more

All of these options and more are available to view as finished samples in our showrooms in Cape Town and Knysna.

Solid Wooden Stairs & Balustrades

Solid Wooden Stairs & Balustrades

Enhance your staircase with warmth, beauty and style by including solid wooden elements. While we don’t manufacture these components ourselves, we are able to provide suggestions as to skilled craftsmen who would do the manufacturing and installation, and we are on hand to support the selection and supply of the timber.

Get some inspiration from the images below, and then take the plunge. Be sure to seek advice on the best species for the job and as always, we recommend you use a reputable company for design and installation.

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    Volume Primer

    Our bulk packs are sold in units of volume. (1 pack = 0.1m3).
    Depending on thickness and length you select, you will get a different effective total width. Depending on the widths we select, you will also get a different number of pcs.

    For example, 0.1m3 of 2.45m lengths will get you the following +- TOTAL WIDTH and +- PCS (assuming an average piece width of 140mm) for each thickness:


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