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Client Creations
Coffee Table – Francois Jansen
  • coffeetable francoisjansen1
  • coffeetable francoisjansen2
Ziricote Vessel – Luqmaan Salie
  • vesselziriluqmaanSalie1
  • vesselziriluqmaanSalie2
  • vesselziriluqmaanSalie3
  • vesselziriluqmaanSalie4
African Blackwood Vessel – Luqmaan Salie
  • blafvessel LuqmaanSalie1
  • blafvessel LuqmaanSalie2
  • blafvessel LuqmaanSalie3
  • blafvessel LuqmaanSalie4
Segmented Turning – Luqmaan Salie
  • bocotevessel luqmaansalie1
  • bocotevessel luqmaansalie2
  • bocotevessel luqmaansalie3
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    Volume Primer

    Our bulk packs are sold in units of volume. (1 pack = 0.1m3).
    Depending on thickness and length you select, you will get a different effective total width. Depending on the widths we select, you will also get a different number of pcs.

    For example, 0.1m3 of 2.45m lengths will get you the following +- TOTAL WIDTH and +- PCS (assuming an average piece width of 140mm) for each thickness:


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