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Species Description: Walnut - American

Black Walnut has long been considered one of the US's most durable hardwoods, and one of its most popular. Prized for its typically deep chocolate color (often highlighted by red or purple streaks and/or tint), straight grains (though sometimes irregular), fine texture and warm luster, the wood has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and is considered to have solid dimensional stability after drying. Its cooperative grain structure and moderate density give Black Walnut excellent working properties, which have made it coveted by fine furniture craftsmen for centuries.

Multi-pack of Walnut 1 Common. Pack quantities work in units of volume. 0.1m3 per unit. For a larger volumes, add multiple packs to your cart.

  • Lengths: Various standard lengths available.  Your last plank will be shorter to round off the m3 you selected.
  • Thickness: Various standard thicknesses available.
  • Widths: Random widths, 100mm & up (average 140mm)


Our bulk packs are sold in units of volume. (1 pack = 0.1m3).
Depending on thickness and length you select, you will get a different effective total width.
Depending on the widths we select, you will also get a different number of pcs.
For example, 0.1m3 of 2.45m lengths will get you the following +- TOTAL WIDTH and +- PCS (assuming an average piece width of 140mm) for each thickness:



Weight 61 kg
Dimensions 180 × 14 × 2.6 cm
Botanical Name

Juglans nigra



Piece Type

Multi-pack (0.1m3)

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